Biography: Brian West

Brian began painting at junior school where teachers recognised his talent and encouraged him to attend art college. Following an apprenticeship in engineering, Brian launched his own production engineering company, filing a number of development patents and later became a successful entrepreneur – managing businesses involved in the design and manufacture of mining machinery, acrylic fabrications, textiles equipment, sportswear and screenprinting development – still painting in his spare time. In 1990 he decided to become a full-time artist. Since then his work has been commissioned and collected by businesses and sports personalities. His unique ability to ’capture the moment’ makes his work particularly relevant to the sponsor yet remaining appealing to the casual viewer. Such is its appeal you can find Brians work in boardrooms, reception areas, offices and the private houses of business leaders, as collectors or as a gift from colleagues.
A huge Bob Dylan fan, Brian recently held a solo-exhibition at Meander and Mooch.