Biography: David Hughes

Magik is the Preparation, Alchemy is the doing, Creation is of the Earth and of the Fire, and so says David Hughes of Wollen Pottery, who prefers to be known as The Mud Mechanic.

David works from a greenhouse which he converted into a pottery studio in 2012, as his preference is always to work in natural light.¬† David’s kiln is gas fired and built outside well away from any buildings as he uses bottled glass.

David says his two favourite things are gravity (makes everything hang right) and the question ‘can you?’ (which he usually answers with a yes).

The vast majority of the ceramics he makes are made with Valentines special high temperature clay, specially formulated to produce Oven to Table ware , bisque fired to 1060c then glost fired to approx 1260c.

The pieces David produces are often based on designs and cultures long gone, some many several thousand years past.