Contemporary Glass


The invention of glassblowing according to many, coincided with the establishment of the Roman Empire in the 1st Century BC.

Meander and Mooch, however, source more recent pieces by some of the UKs leading glass blowers!

Ever popular are the brightly coloured perfume bottles, exquisitely decorated, each piece an affordable work of art in its own right.

If you are looking for a unique gift, or are a collector yourself, you will find a good selection at our gallery.

How its made:
The transformation of raw materials into glass takes place at around 1320 degrees centigrade where the glass appears almost white hot.  The working temperature is reduced for most glassblowing to 840-1040 centigrade, although some is workable at lower temperatures.

Just some of our glass makers include:
Andrew Sanders • David Wallace • Anna French • Lynn Baker • Josie Draycott • Gregg Anston-Race

Sanders & Wallace


Anna French


Gregg Anston-Race

Lynn Baker