Biography: Jenny Sala

Jenny Sala is a Leicestershire based Ceramic Artist, working from an inspiring combination of the natural environment and the human connection with it, past and present.

Jenny creates individual ceramic forms, some of them sculptural, while others are more classical in shape. She likes to work with colours that are subtle and harmonious evoking feelings of nostalgia peace and tranquility. Her work feels textural and tactile using little or no glaze at all on most of her pieces, exposing the clays natural beauty.

Its a personal thing for Jenny, she prefers working the clay by hand. She said, it makes her feel more connected to the earth and our ancient past. Although some of Jenny’s work, like her ‘Sky Bowls’ are slip-cast, these forms are still individual, as she randomly applies coloured decorating slips into the pouring process. Each one turns out uniquely different. The forms she makes are quite contemporary, however there are elements that Jenny adds to her work that reflect our ancient cultural beliefs. My ‘People Pots’ as she calls them are handbuilt, using the primitive, coiling method, they are left natural and then stoneware fired. The hole cut out, at the top of the pot is symbolic, it decribes the human curiosity, both past and present, as to why we have always looked up to the stars in the universe, and to admire, worship and acknowledge the Sun’s, magical life giving properties.

Jenny studied her BA hons Degree in Ceramics at De monfort University, Leicester, after completing her City & Guilds. She has been a ceramist for nearly twenty years. She has enjoyed working in the education sector supporting people with special needs, including the visually impaired, in Ceramics and Art. Jenny now works as a freelance Ceramic Artist exhibiting her work at various venues. She also takes on commission work, mainly for weddings and other special occasions.