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At Meander and Mooch you will find a wide range of jewellery, beautifully made in sterling silver or titanium, with crystal or the occasional precious stone, such as black diamond.

Our sterling silver and crystal collection offers affordable jewellery for special occasions or gifts.

Additionally we have sourced jewellers from the UK and from Germany, who offer the more unusual and original designs. Our collection includes titanium and diamond jewellery, with unusual and creative pieces for both ladies and gentlemen.

Prices range from just £5.95 to several hundred.

Our designers include: Annika Rutlin • Chris Lewis • Jillian Riley • Michele Buxton Barnes • Nova Silver • Tezer • Tooth & Claw • Hazel Atkinson • Banyan • Anna French • Anne Reeves • Claire Seneviratne • Jennie McCall • Josie Draycott • Nicola Underwood • Ruth Haldon • Pianeganda • Sue Hanna • Andrea Harz • Dayl Jones • Sue Hanna • Sophie Clark •


Tooth & Claw


Jillian  Riley


Anne Reeves


Nicola Underwood


Ruth Haldon

Hazel Atkinson

Claire Seneviratne

Chris Lewis