Peter G Knight


Peter G Knight has been developing his interest in painting and drawing, from a very young age after selling his first painting at the age of six.
Then in 2001 studied art and design at De Montfort University in Leicester.
His mixed media approach is a unique arrangement of many different techniques from the use of an airbrush and acrylic paint to coloured pencils and even pastels and oil-based chalks.
The inspiration for his work normally leans towards the intuitive mannerisms of animals, his meticulous eye for detail is reflected in his photorealistic style, which he feels brings a sense of natural calm and intrigue to the viewer.
He also harbours a passion for portraying everyday scenes, capturing an intriguing moment in time, for the viewer to ponder upon and make up their own minds to the story behind the piece.
He has undertaken many varied commissions over the years, even fantasy concept art for a book, he’s main commissions are for animal portraits’ which pleased clients amaze over for there almost living quality.

“All of my commissions have been varied and challenging,
And this is something I relish with abounding enthusiasm.”