Biography: Sara Captain

Sara Captain is a versatile London-based artist. Self-taught and from a rather international family of painters, gifted with a natural talent and with an art historian background, Sara incorporates lessons from the great masters and experience from her travels in her paintings. She sees art as a quest for beauty, truth and a reflection of the universal human experience.

Her stunning work on David Bowie has gained her quite a following, and she is now famous for the two large murals in one of the most important Bowie sites worldwide, where the legendary Arts Lab once stood.  Her many images of him are highly sought after and collected all around the world.

Her sensitive, delicately skilful portraits are said to have a haunting presence, really capturing not only the likeness but the very soul of the sitter. Using simple, often industrial materials such as gouache and ink, wooden boards and industrial paint to great effect, her beautiful images of people, be they rock stars or friends, are but one facet of her complex artistic personality – one that refuses to be put in a box.  She does large scale, high impact abstracts as well as animals and land/cityscapes, and has worked in advertising and illustration before turning to pure art.

Constantly striving to explore new avenues and experiment, she keeps her work fresh and interesting and always new – so expect the unexpected!