Biography: Tom Shepherd

Tom Shepherd was born in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, in 1985 and at an early age showed a  real talent in painting and drawing which continued all the way through his school years.  In 2010 Tom worked as a freelance artist creating custom artwork for guitars and other musical instruments. Since then Tom has started painting in fine art and exhibits his work through selected galleries in the UK.

Tom likes to take the approach of capturing the light that falls across a scene or subject rather than focusing to0 heavily on the subject itself.

Tom says, ‘My paintings are a way for me to explore the wonder of the world around me; everything from the grand scale of nature’s giant sea cliffs & valleys, to the intrigue of places and people far from home, or the shadows cast across a sunlit street right outside my front door. All the time asking…what’s the light doing?’